Having visited a number of resorts in Honduras and being very disappointed we stumbled upon Villas Hermosa in Salitran just east of La Ceiba and approximately 20 minutes from Goloson Airport.  To get to the resort you drive through the little town of Salitran.   The resort itself was very welcoming through the gated and secure entrance.  The landscaping and tropical plants throughout the property is the first thing that takes your breath away.  As we were guided through the resort I noticed the quality of the construction of the paving, drainage and sidewalks.  Each sidewalk and driveway is wheelchair accessible.  

The villas are all single story dwellings with attached garages. The roofs are tiled and the ceilings are cathedral style. You could tell that the construction was good quality even down to the electrical sockets.  Laundry room and en-suite bathroom is also included in the price.  

The amenities i.e. pool and tennis court were almost complete, and all of the villas come complete with gardens, patio and plants.  

We fell in love with the property and decided to make the purchase there and then and are looking forward to our new villa being completed by February 2017.

Bob and Pauline Ashmore