While visit Villa Hermosa Honduras for your review and future purchase. You may stay in La Quinta Hotel, conveniently located in La Ceiba-Tela highway, in front of D´Antoni Golf Club. 100 meters east of Mall Megaplaza La Ceiba, Atlántida, Honduras, C.A. For reservations, please call (504) 2443-6100 al 09 Cel: (504) 9668-0344  or  by E-mail:

This is what you were waiting for… a boat trip to enjoy blue waters and white sand beach. El Sol de Sambocreek Tours is located in Sambo Creek, just minutes for the City of La Ceiba in Honduras. You may contact the owner Arturo Pena directly at 1-407-947-1375(USA), Rosa Morales (407)460-2601 (USA) or call Gorje  Morales at 011-9550-5059

Looking for a Caribbean place to relax and enjoy a good food. You need to visit Hotel Villa Helen, located in Sambo Creek at approximately 35 minutes from La Ceiba’s Airport (LCE) and at 20 minutes from the ferry (service between the Bay islands and La Ceiba). For more information visit the website at  or y0u

The Canopy is an extreme activity that is slipping between the treetops. Villa Hermosa Honduras invites you to visit this wonderful activity that every day becomes more popular with tourists. It was originally created as a way to study life in the treetops in tropical rain-forests, it was quickly turned into a tourist activity that

Sambo Creek

If you were looking for the place with most Garifuna population in Honduras, Sambo Creek is the right place, then travel 20 minutes from La Ceiba (15 km/9 mi), heading east towards Trujillo, and you arrive at the village which also has the best dance groups in the area. If the best rhythms are enjoyed

Diving Cayos Cochinos

Just 45 minutes from Villa Hermosa, are the Cayos Cochinos Marine National Monument declared by the Government of Honduras. Formed by 2 small tiny islands and 13 islets, this group of Caribbean islands are one of the most pristine of which is a paradise in the Caribbean examples. This archipelago offers scuba diving quality is now